Throughout film school, Blaire
Wayland never understood why her peers were so eager to make up stories. Fiction and fantasy were fun but the real stories lied in the every day lives of those around her. After completing her Bachelors Degree in Television Production and Broadcast Journalism at Chapman University, Blaire found work behind the scenes on shows such as Dr. Phil and Real Housewives of Orange County. Loving the insight into the human mind but wanting to find more raw stories, she began Emblem Documentaries.

Working in television, both on and off screen, has given her the unique capability to make even the most camera shy person sit back and relax. Performing live comedy since high school and her above average height has provided her with a refreshing outlook. Blaire’s belief that everyone has a story drives her to bring out the heart of those around her. The lessons in real life are worth far more than any Hollywood script. She strives to bring value to the every day.

Located in Orange County, CA