Emblem Documentaries has a unique goal – to tell YOUR story.

    Whether it’s a love story, your life story, or the story of your business, we want to hear about it. We create a multimedia documentary including interview footage, personal photos and videos, and music to tell your exceptional narrative. Blaire Wayland, your personal interviewer, earned her Bachelors Degree in Television Production and Broadcast Journalism from Chapman University. Her education along with her unrivaled vision will provide you with a comfortable and personal experience. After sitting with Blaire for your interview, she will personally craft a documentary about your life or business to fit your needs.

    Who can promote your business better than you can? Featuring a short documentary on your website about what you do is a great way to reassure potential clients.

    This treasure would be perfect for an anniversary celebration, birthday gift, family reunion or a way to record the history of your family for future generations.

        So go on, tell us about yourself.

Located in Orange County, CA